Thursday, September 27, 2007

catch phrase

Ever played Catch Phrase? There's two teams, the word holder is passed to you, you have to explain the word, without saying it. (ie. if the word is "football" you could say "Joe Montana played this sport!") Once someone from your team guesses the word, you pass it to the other team and a new word appears. But it's like Hot Potato because if time runs out and you are holding it...the other teams wins a point.

So anyway, we're playing this last night at the college group. It's late, we're all high on candy someone bought at the store, but we are REALLY into this game. Gung-ho. We are shouting out answers left and right, trying to win.

Someone on my team got the word holder and studied his word. He then smiled and looked up. But then he realized time was almost up, so he said really fast, "Oh ok...World War 2!!! She kept a diary! It's a book now!!!"

A girl on my team frantically screamed "HELEN KELLER!!!"

I nearly wet myself.


Amanda said...

That's priceless! We play Catch Phrase at the Life Group I attend sometimes. It's my favorite game! We don't play with teams though. We just pass it around until it stops and the person holding it is out.

Amy said...

That is great Sarah! A little scary, but still truly entertaining!