Friday, October 05, 2007

Jim Gaffigan kills me

My older sister introduced me to a comedian a few months ago by the name of Jim Gaffigan. You might recognize him from TV spots or commercials (my personal favorite is the Sierra Mist "beard comb-over"). He's even on a TBS show called "My Boys". Anyway, what's he most known for is stand-up comedy.

So Wed. night the college group went swing dancing. But we had some time to kill before it started so we were browsing in Borders downtown. I saw a CD of Jim Gaffigan's called "Beyond the Pale". It was on sale and I impulsively bought it, figuring I would have something fun to listen to in my car.

Oh. my. word. This guy kills me! He is so funny. I have been listening to the CD the past couple days and literally weeping in my car because I am laughing so hard. One of my favorite things about him is when he does this "internal monologue" of his audiences in a high-pitched voice.

For example: he'll be talking about food (he loves to talk about food, especially cake) and he'll go off on IHOP.

"IHOP...that's a funny name for a restaurant. I never feel like hopping after I eat there. They should name it "ICanBarelyMove". Or "INeedaWheelchair". And then he'll speak in this super high-pitched voice (as if this is what the audience is thinking about that joke...) "Hey buddy, I like the IHOP! If you don't like it, you don't have to go there!"

Anyway, I highly recommend checking him out. He's got some funny stuff on You Tube. If you have 5 minutes, here's a sample. He talks about how funny/strange our holiday traditions are. Enjoy!


amy nyquist said...

i love that in honor of my birthday, you post about jim gaffigan

Smarshie said...

Happy birthday, sister!!! I owe my love of Jim G to you.

Leslie said...

Very funny!!!! I love it!