Friday, September 21, 2007

my issue with Halloween costumes

We have a college event tonight that I needed costume pieces/props for, so I headed to our nearby party store/halloween headquarters store. After grabbing what I needed, my attention was caught at a wall filled with Halloween costume pictures. They had hundreds of pictures of men and women dressed in certain costumes. In each picture there was the price, and a number in the corner. So if you liked the costume you would just tell an employee the number and they'd grab it in the back for you. Sweet! No digging through rack after rack and having no idea what it would look like when you put it on. Not that I dress up for Halloween anymore, but it makes it convenient for parents and their kids, I guess.

So the left of the wall was filled with costumes for males. And I gotta admit...they looked pretty cool. You can be a medieval soldier! Captain Jack Sparrow! A superhero! A football player! An astronaut! A wizard! Darth Vader!

And then I got to the female section.

Lord, have mercy. I was beyond annoyed. Every picture, I mean EVERY picture was of a woman who looked like she was missing half her costume. Some of my thoughts were as follows: When did Alice in Wonderland become a hootchie-mama? Poor Strawberry Shortcake...her innocence is gone in that trashy ensemble. Hmmm....I was recently at a ballgame and I don't remember the umpire being female and wearing knee-high tights with her low-cut striped top. What's this?! When did the medical profession permit their nurses to wear that get-up?!

I was already feeling sassy from the day I was having, so I was SO tempted to go up to an employee and ask, "Do you guys have any costumes that wouldn't make me look like a porn star?"

I know I'm being totally sarcastic, but I have such an issue with Halloween costumes. Guys get all the cool ones...AND their costumes cover up their entire body. Woohoo! That's awesome! And then jr. high and high school girls go looking for a costume and their choices are things like Sexy Cheerleader. Argh.

Thanks for letting me rant. I am taking deep breaths right now. Dang, I sure got fired up.


Amanda said...

I am so with you on this! It's getting harder and harder to find acceptable costumes for my kids and they're only 10 & 5! I can't imagine what's its going to be like when they're in Jr. High or High Schoo. Maybe I'll learn how to sew before then so I can make the decent costumes!

caramac said...

just this morning I borrowed all your blogging thoughts while on a walk with gigi (whom I live with), as we talked about this VERY issue!!!

Smarshie said...

It reminds me of that line in "Mean Girls" when Lindsay Lohan's character talks about Halloween being an excuse for girls to dress all skanky. It bums me out, because I'm seeing it more and more.