Tuesday, September 18, 2007

what in the WORLD!?!?!

This morning I walked into the Student Ministries office and was saying hi to everyone. I unlocked my office door with my head still turned to the side, talking with a co-worker. When I turned my head back to look inside...I screamed.

My walls were covered in pictures of two of my students: Cameron and Jared. It looks like they photo-copied their faces, made a million copies, and then taped them up everywhere.

After I got over the initial shock, I started laughing. What in the world?!?!

So now I am in my office, trying to work on my computer...and it feels like I have 200 Camerons and Jareds just staring at me. Ahhh! It is a very strange feeling. And it smells very strongly of paper and ink in here.

Gotta love college students.


rené said...

that is probably the coolest prank i've seen in a VERY long time! :) AWESOME!

NixonsMamma said...

That is hilarious! :) Sarah Marsh... how do these things happen to you? haha! Yeah right! I love that we've re-connected.