Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Yes, I love Disney

It's vacation time again....yesssssss. I feel like I just HAD vacation, but then I realize it was three months ago at Christmas time. And then that makes me realize how fast this semester is flying by. And then THAT makes me realize that time is like sand in the hourglass...

But I digress.

Ok, so this vacation came out of nowhere. I got a call a month ago from my BFF (the one who works at Disneyland) and she asked what I was doing at the end of March. When I told her I thought I could get some time off, she informed me that we were going to Disney World. Yup, not DisneyLAND, but DisneyWORLD. Woot.

Here's the sitch: her hubby just got a new job at D-land but they are training him for 2 weeks at D-World. (I'm not sure why) She thought it would be fun if we went out for a week to play and her husband could join us at night and on the weekends. FUN! And since they both work for Disney, they got us a free hotel room and free entrance to all 4 parks. All I am paying for is food and my plane ticket.

Dude, they are hookin' a sister up! I wish I could hook them up with stuff, but um...I don't know if they count a Bible, microwave popcorn, or Nerf guns as a "hook up". Oh well.

So, tomorrow morning I get to wake up at 4 a.m. and fly across the country to the lovely state of Florida, where it is currently 75 degrees with some clouds. Perf.

Be back next week. Off to enjoy the Magic Kingdom again...

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