Friday, March 30, 2007

I dig vacation

In the immortal words of the Go Go's: "Vacation all I ever wanted. Vacation have to get away!" Well, it's what I wanted and boy did it feel good to get away.

I had kind of a rough start to my vacay thanks to a lame airline that was delayed and made me miss my connecting flight. Which airline, you ask? Oh, that's not important. (*cough* American *cough*)

But instead of focusing on the fact that I got up at 4 in the morning to make my flight in SF, then got there and found out it was delayed and no one else could get me to LA in time for my next flight and the lady helping me treated me like I was a big bother and then waiting around the airport for 6 hours (airport floors are NOT fun to sleep on) plus longer because THAT flight was delayed and then flying to Dallas and having to wait another 4 hours for my next flight to Orlando (which was also ran late) and then having to find my bus and arriving at my hotel at 1 in the morning....I will focus on better things. (I'm laughing on the inside...really)

Disney World! Ok, first off, the weather was amazing. Sunny, clouds, 70's and 80's, was wonderful. The first day, BFF Elissa and I went to the Magic Kingdom. We tore it up. Second day: Animal Kingdom and Disney-MGM Studios. We tore those up, too. Third day was Epcot. Woot. Last day we visited all the parks and caught everything we had missed the first time around. Highlights:

* First and foremost was spending time with Elissa and her hubby Mike. They live in So. Cal so it's always so fun when I get to see them.

* I have NEVER eaten so well in my life. We bought this meal plan where you pay $40 a day and you get a Take-Away type lunch (meal, drink, dessert) Snack (popcorn or ice cream, etc) and a fancy-schmancy sit down dinner. Now normally, when I go to places I get something pretty cheap on the menu, water to drink, and no appetizer or dessert. Ya know, the basics. Well, we went for it! We had Italian food one night, steak one night (our meal cost over 50 bones each...and we only paid 40 for the whole day. Ha!), Chinese one night, and Japanese where they cut, cook, and serve everything right in front of you. Woohoo! What a fun splurge.

* At the Animal Kingdom we saw a Finding Nemo musical. So cute!

* Speaking of animals, we saw them everywhere. Bunnies came out at night at our hotel, there were ducks, egrets and blue herons all over the parks, we saw a snake our last night, I caught a couple frogs by the water, it was so fun.

* We rode every type of transportation possible: cars, boats, trains, buses, monorail, trams, even go-carts at our hotel.

* Elissa has a small bladder, so we now know where every single bathrom is at all 4 parks...and which one we are closest to at any given time.

* Whoever invented the "Fast Pass" needs a raise, medal, or ceremony. We didn't have to wait in many lines.

* I loved getting into conversations with kids in lines or on the monorail. The first reason is because kids are super cute and excited to be there and the second reason is because kids say really funny things. Most of what they say ends up in my "Quote Board" book from the trip.

* There is a new fast ride called "Expedition Everest" and inside is a huge yeti. Rockin'.

* My last night I had to switch rooms (because a new family was coming to take my room) and at first I was a little bummed. But then when I got to my room, I realized it was an UPGRADE! Holy cow, I had a living room, kitchen, balcony overlooking a lake, two bathrooms (one with a jacuzzi tub!), and a bedroom with a massive king size bed just for little ol' me. I don't think I've ever slept so well. It was such a surprise. Heck, you guys can switch rooms on me anytime

And then to end the perfect vacay, I flew home and the next day saw Josh Groban in concert. He is AMAZING!!! I was in awe. As much as I love my job, I did NOT want to go back. I think I always feel like that after time away. I am so thankful for vacation! Can't wait for my next one... =)


Melissavina said...

Oh Sarah Marsh!! Hello there! Why am I not surprised that your vacation took you to someplace Disney? Does anything ever change? I'm glad I found your page. I will now bookmark it!!

Melissavina said...
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Leslie said...

Sarah Marsh!!!!
It's Leslie Spencer (Smith)...oh, it's so great to have found you! There's got to be a way to contact you without having to post my e-mail address for the whole world to, well...myspace?

Smarshie said...
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