Thursday, November 16, 2006

Two small complaints

Do you guys mind if I vent for just a sec? Thanks. I just have two small complaints.

1) Daylight Savings - hmmm...not sure if I'm a big fan. I am inside most of the day working, and when I leave, it is already dark. Sad! Or sometimes I'll be at home and think it's like 10:00 pm because it's pitch black outside, the crickets are chirping, the stars are out...and it's only 6:30. What!? These early evenings are not super fun. Oh winter...go by fast, please.

2) Hey, did you guys realize Thanksgiving has already passed?? Apparently it has, according to the advertising world. My eyes have been assaulted by Christmas commercials since before Halloween! I am so over Christmas commercials and it's only the middle of November. Not ok. Everyone's in such a hurry to get to Christmas time, it's like Thanksgiving just gets pushed aside. Buy buy buy! Spend spend spend! Not only am I tired of Christmas before it even gets here, but I lose focus on what Christmas is really about. Anyone else feel this way?

Ok. Deep breath. Thanks for letting me get those things off my chest. I feel better now. It's 4:00. I'm gonna go drive home in the dark and then turn on the TV to watch Christmas commericals. Ha ha.

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