Monday, November 13, 2006

Ministry is better than teaching

I am going to start a list of reasons why college ministry is better than elementary school teaching (at least for me):

* At school, kids park their bikes. At college group, they park their skateboards. Love it.

* I don't have to deal with parents.

* No grading.

* I get paid to hang out with students and talk about life.

* I can wear what I want to work.

* I don't have to discipline students. (although I DO have to have hard talks with college students if they are being lame)

* My office is a fun hang-out place.

* I get to talk to students about GOD and challenge them in their lives.

* I can make my own hours (nothing before 9 am, please) and take vacation when I want.

* I can actually have long, serious conversations with college students and they don't have to fiddle or go to the bathroom every five minutes. Ha ha

That's what I have so far. Any more you guys can think of?

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hollyannfail said...

girl, i SO love this about your life. and can fully chuckle and relate about the negatives to teaching :) what would i have done without you?? :) i love that you are doing what you are, today!!