Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Mom's 60th birthday

This past weekend was my Mom's 60th birthday par-tay. It was a lot of fun. As part of her gift, my dad found some old photo albums of my grandmother's and I got to spend most of Saturday going through them and finding pictures to make a collage. It was such a special time for me. Rummaging through old pictures of my mom as a baby, growing up, going to school, marrying my dad, having kids, etc. I've never thought I looked like my mom (or that any of my sisters looked like my mom). But it was amazing...I would flip a page and a picture would just jump out at me - oh my gosh! She looks just like me! Or, "whoa, in that picture she looks just like Liz!" (or another sister) Depending on the age and facial expression of my mom, I could see myself and my three sisters in my mom's face at different times. It was like I could see where we got certain characteristics in our faces from. It was very very cool.

I'll post some pixs of the party soon.

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