Wednesday, February 22, 2012

fun news!

If you've read my blog for awhile, you've seen many of the adventures I've gone on with my best friend Elissa and her husband Mike (aka: Mikey). Elissa and I met freshmen year in college (we lived across the hall from each other) and have been best friends ever since. E and Mikey started dating our senior year and got married a few years after that (I was honored to be the maid of honor - aptly named). And even though I live in northern Cal and they live in So Cal, we still see each other multiple times a year.

Wellllllll, I got a phone call from my BFF a couple weeks ago. I was on speaker phone so I could talk to both her and Mikey. I kept hearing them say, "We're..." and then there would be all this static.

Me: "What?!"

Them: "We're...."

Me: "WHAT!?"

Them: "Can you really not hear us? WE'RE PREGNANT!!!!!"



E and I had talked about this last summer when I went to visit them. They've been married 8 years and she and Mikey both seemed totally okay with not having kids.

But apparently God had other plans! Love it!!

So, baby is due in September. And here's more fun news: they asked me to be the godmother!! Wooooo!! I love being an aunt so I am going to rock this godmother thing. This kid is going to be very loved and prayed for.

And more fun news! Elissa, Mikey, and I are going to New York City in May! Yes, yes, I'm going back. I can't help it - I'm addicted to that city. We made plans to go before E found out she was preggo. So now Baby gets to join us on our adventures in the Big Apple (inside the womb, of course).

So much fun news!

Congratulations to Mike and Elissa! I'm so happy for you both.


New Branch said...

such fun news! congrats [fairy] godmother. are they going to name their kid mickey? minnie? i'm going to put money on belle or maybe aladdin. and more importantly, will uncle bob be the godfather? i'm sure you'll ask him when you're in nyc.

Smarshie said...

I'm not sure what the plans are for naming the kid. I'll ask them next time we talk. As for a godfather, I'm planning on introducing them to Uncle Bob when we go to New York in May. I have a feeling after meeting him the decision will be easy.