Tuesday, May 10, 2011

happy things that start with "G"

I am happy tonight. Here's why:

* the nerf assassins GAME is en fuego. Did I mention we are in the midst of this year's nerf assassin game? It's been epic so far. I got killed when one of my students hid in the trunk of my car and killed me when I opened it. HEART ATTACK. I was so scared when I opened the trunk and saw him there, I tried to slam the trunk closed and nearly chopped his head off.

* GOOD reading. I bought "Love Wins" by Rob Bell and it is freakin' blowing my mind.

* the San Francisco GIANTS won again tonight! They are on a roll. We are now only half a game from 1st place in the NL West! I know it's early in the season, but I'm still so happy. Watch the boys celebrate tonight's win here.

* GLEE was awesome. Quick unofficial glee-cap:

It was prom night. I enjoyed Jacob ben Israel asking Puck where Lauren keeps his balls (Sorry to offend anyone who didn't watch the episode, but it was so amazingly written and spoken). Jesse St. James should never wear a scarf again. I loved Sam, Rachel, and Mercedes doing prom-on-a-budget. I loved when the girl at prom walked by Santana wearing the same dress and Santana just shook her head over and over.

"Jar of Hearts" by Rachel was my favorite song from the episode. But I know my sister was ecstatic the glee club sang "Friday" by Rebecca Black. (Question - why did they sing "Friday" when prom was on a Saturday?)

More questions from the ep: Why was there a high school boy slow dancing with a bluetooth in his ear? Has anyone heard the song Blaine sang? Finn + Jesse = Shove Match 2011? Kurt winning PQ? Quinn slap-happy? What the?

Loved Santana and Mercedes ending with "Dancing Queen". Those two need to sing together more. I still have fond memories of their "River Deep Mountain High" duet earlier in the season.

* Last "G" of the blog - G'night.


New Branch said...

i laughed the entire 'friday' song. loved it!

Susannah said...

haha as soon as that song came on, all i could think of was AMY.

also, i thought the same thing about the bluetooth boy- um, what?!

jesse st james=jesse st lame.