Thursday, April 22, 2010

Nerf Assassins 2010

It's that time of year again.

Nerf Assassins.

If you ever want to play, here's what you do: Get a list of people who want to play (at least 10 or 15 for a good game). Everyone must buy a nerf gun. On the day the game begins, you are emailed a name. You must hunt down and shoot your target. You cannot kill them if they're at work or class. If you "kill" them, they are out of the game, and you receive their target. That is your new target to go hunt down and kill. The last assassin living WINS.

We play every year in the college group. It's hilarious. Everyone is SO paranoid. I see college students walking everywhere with their guns in their hands or on top of their books. They peek around corners, check around their cars before they get in, constantly look behind them when they're walking.

Usually I die the first day, first hour. I am proud to say I have made it through the first day!! Yessss. No doubt I will die very soon (these students are CLEVER) but I always try. I'm not a very good assassin though. For example, here's a facebook message thread between myself and my (unknowing) target today:

Student: "Hey Sarah, make sure Ryan (our adult leader who is leading the game) knows that i am the nerf battle."

Me: "Has Ryan sent you your target yet? He sent everyone's targets out by midnight last night. Do you have a weapon? Good luck!"

Student: "yeah i have a awesome nerf weapon :P. I am sooo ready!!!! :D lol. good luck sarah!! O ya how was last night i couldnt make it :/. I have a huge test on friday and yeah i know lame lol."

Me: "Last night was good. After the talk, we played Rock Band in the garage. We missed seeing you though!

Hey, I just realized I don't have your email address or any info to send stuff to you. Can you send me your address, cell number, and email? I'll put you in our database. Then you can start getting my weekly email I send out to everyone telling them what's going on with the college group.

Have a great Thursday. Good luck on your test tomorrow! Have you been studying a lot?"

Student: "Haha nice try sarah. i will give you my address when i want you to come kill me. But yeah I been studying my butt off like i always do lol."

DANG IT!!!!!!!! I was trying to be so suave. I have no idea where he lives and I want to kill him at his house this weekend. Was I obvious when I asked for his info? Dang it! And now he KNOWS I'm his assassin!!!


New Branch said...

this is making me laugh so hard. nice try.

Jody said...

That is the most obvious attempt to obtain someone's whereabouts I have ever seen. That's like when Jeremy repeatedly asked me what kind of car I drive.

Smarshie said...

Haha! I guess it was pretty obvious. I need training on how to be more stealthy.

P.S. Jodes, we STILL talk about the showdown between you and Jer at TLC. You have left your legacy.

Jody said...

Fond, fond memories.

Jody said...

My word verification right now is "molest".
Whaddup, girl?