Friday, May 27, 2011

Glee concert

On Tuesday night I got to see the Glee kids live in concert. If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you'll remember last year I did a road trip to LA just to see the Glee kids on tour. They only did a 4 city tour (LA, Phoenix, Chicago, and NY). Probably just to see if people would be into seeing them live. The response was overwhelming - tickets were sold out in 15 seconds, they had to add days and times to each city. They got smart and made this year's tour a 40 city one. Nice!

While we waited in line to go in, I saw tons of fun T-shirts and signs. Here are a few:

The show was opened by the LXD (Legion of Extraordinary Dancers). They opened the show last year too and they are amazing. They can do things with their bodies that blow your mind. After they finished, the lights went down, everyone started screaming...and the show started with "Don't Stop Believing"!

Here was the set list of the concert:

•Don't Stop Believing (whole cast)
•Dog Days are Over (whole cast)
•Sing (whole cast)
•Slave 4 U (Brittany)
•Fat Bottomed Girls (Puck)
•I Want to Hold your Hand (Kurt)
•Ain't no Way (Mercedes)
•PYT (Artie with Mike Chang dancing behind him)
•Born This Way (whole cast)
•Firework (Rachel)
•Teenage Dream (Blaine and the Warblers)
•Silly Love Songs (Blaine and the Warblers)
•Raise Your Glass (Blaine and the Warblers)
•Happy Days/Get Happy (Rachel and Kurt)
•Lucky (Sam and Quinn)
•River Deep, Mountain High (Santana and Mercedes)
•Don't Rain on My Parade (Rachel)
•Jessie's Girl (Finn)
•Valerie (Santana)
•Loser Like Me (whole cast)
•Single Ladies (Kurt and the ladies)
•Friday (Puck, Artie, Sam, Mike, Blaine)
•Safety Dance (Artie)
•Empire State of Mind (whole cast)
•Somebody to Love (whole cast)

Ok, so I have to admit something to you all. After Rachel sang "Firework", the lights went out on the big stage up front and a spotlight shone at a tiny stage RIGHT BELOW US where Blaine and the Warblers began singing "Teenage Dream".

I LOST it.

Suddenly I was no longer a 33 year old grown woman. I was a 12 year old little girl screaming my lungs out. Oh frick Darren Criss, you need to marry me now. What? I'm taller than him you say? He's only 24 you say? We don't know if he loves Jesus you say? Details, details. Please enjoy the video below and I apologize profusely for my loud screaming. Especially at the end. Use your computer's mute button.

That was obviously my biggest highlight. Other highlights include:

* Rachel's voice. She gave me and my friend Jenn goosebumps. Such a beautiful voice.

* Artie was alone on stage in his wheelchair. He looked at the audience and asked, "Have any of you ever had a dream?" Then he stood up and started doing the Safety Dance, joined by others. He is SUCH a good dancer. Why is he in a wheelchair?

* "Born This Way" with all the kids wearing their personalized T-shirts (Trouty Mouth!)

* At one point the boys were on stage playing guitar all slowly and solemnly...and then they burst into "Friday" by Rebecca Black. Everyone laughed and sang along. (Is it sad that everyone knows the lyrics to that terrible song?)

* They set up the stage to look like the choir room. Everyone did their duets from that episode. Mercedes and Santana rocked "River Deep Mountain High"!!

* For their encore, Kurt and a bunch o' ladies went up on the little stage below us and did the "Single Ladies" dance. So fun!

I realized why this concert is so fun. On the show, I get tired of the preaching, the one-sided views on issues, and the un-needed drama. But I keep watching because I love the songs. With the concert, that's all we get! Nothing else, just pure entertainment from super talented guys and girls. I'm so glad we went and I will definitely go again next year.


Susannah said...

such a fun night-thanks for posting!

New Branch said...

i just went deaf watching your (screaming) video. but i love darren criss too. too bad you didn't bring dad. since he hates the message and loves the music of that show. ;)

fioreth said...

i was there yesterday to! And i did the same thing you did when Darren and the boys came out! i had trouble singing along after that, lol. I think i had more fun at the concert than the younger kids in the crowd did :) Who cares if your in your 30's or a teen, a gleek is a gleek!

Smarshie said...

Hi fioreth and welcome to the blog! And I'm glad I wasn't the only "older" type person screaming for Darren and the Warblers. I definitely think I had more fun than the younger kids there. =)

Anonymous said...

What time did the show start and what time did it end please. Thx.

Smarshie said...

Let's see....I think LXD started dancing around 7:30 pm to open the show. The Glee kids began around 8:15 and the show was around 75 minutes (no intermission). We were out of there by 9:45.

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting!

Smarshie said...

You're welcome! =)

bieberluv16 said...

thanks for posting! i am going to the concert TONIGHT and i am soo excited! this was helpful to see what it is like :) do naya and heather sing landslide?

Smarshie said...

Did you enjoy the concert? I was sad Naya and Heather did not sing "Landslide" (such a beautiful song!) but there were so many other great songs in the concert, I was okay.