Tuesday, May 31, 2011

computerless for 4 days

I've been having some computer issues. And because of it, I have been without a computer for 4 days. It was a strange experience, being without my laptop. It made me stop and realize how much time I spend on this thing (I got it back today so I'm typing on it right now). Except for email and facebook to connect with friends, it's a pretty big time waster.

So without a screen to look at, I spent much of these past 4 days doing other things. I went for a walk around a nearby park and saw families of quail and a wild baby bunny. I read more of my book. I met a friend for coffee and laughter. I zumba'ed it up. I called a friend I haven't spoken to in months and caught up on life. I cleaned my shower (it needed it). I played with my neighbor's golden retrievers. I went to a bridal shower. I journaled. I went to a Mary Poppins sing-along and dressed up as chimney sweeps with some friends. I slept a lot. I read the paper. I drove by the ocean.

It did feel weird not having a computer available, but it was also a very nice break.

Isn't is weird how dependent we are on computers/smartphones? Could you go 4 days without them?


New Branch said...

so THAT'S why you called me. i liked it. call anytime.

Smarshie said...

I saw the quail and bunny when I was talking to you!