Sunday, March 20, 2011

trampolines, sleepovers, and pranks

Hi all. I had a fun Friday night I wanted to tell you about. It was a college night out. We started the evening with 20 people jumping on trampolines at Sky High. There are these warehouses filled with trampolines and you can pay $10 and jump around for an hour. SO MUCH FUN. They even have a foam pit you can jump into and a dodgeball court.

Here's a video of us all jumping. (Please enjoy the two girls falling at the very beginning of the video - bottom right corner).

After jumping, we hit a nearby In-N-Out. Yum!!

Then it was time to split up into genders. The ladies went to one house for a sleepover and the guys went to another house for a "Manover". At our sleepover, we made cookies and brownies, sang karaoke, played truth-or-dare Jenga, and danced. Around 2 in the morning, we decided to go prank the boys house. We bought 9 rolls of saran wrap and drove over there.

It was quite eventful. We started saran wrapping their cars and then we heard the front door open so we all hid. One of the guys was leaving to drive home and saw his car, "What the *expletive*!?!" We all tried not to laugh from our hiding places as he unwrapped his car. And then we realized we had blocked the driveway with our cars so he couldn't get out. So sadly he saw a couple of us run to our cars and back out.

He left and then we got back to our wrapping. We kept thinking we heard voices or that the guys saw us. All part of the excitement, right? I realized I left my camera in my car so I ran down the driveway to get it. But then I accidentally set my car alarm on. Of all the times you DON'T want your alarm to go off!!! I freaked out and turned it off as quickly as I could. I guess the ladies up at the house dove for the bushes and thought we were going to get caught.

Luckily, the boys were inside playing video games and didn't hear us (or they're just deaf) because no one came out. It was around 3 a.m. at this point. I snuck back up to the cars and the girls gathered around it for a picture. I told them to run right after it flashed. The problem was the flash blinded them so they were running all over the place, trying to find our 2 getaway cars.

My car made it out first. But then we got to the street and noticed the other car wasn't behind us. Uh-oh. They finally drove up with their windows down and said, "Skye (one of the college boys) caught us!! He ran out of the house without his shirt on and grabbed the car window. 'Did you ladies REALLY just saran wrap my car?!?' We played dumb and drove away before he could say anything else. LET'S GET OUT OF HERE!!!"

We drove back to the house and congratulated ourselves for being so awesome. We all went to bed around 4 or 4:30. Around 10, I woke up and went downstairs. The girls said, "Sarah...go look at your car." This is what I saw:

The boys had apparently come to the girls' house at 4 in the morning and let all the air out of my tires. They left a note that said:

And on the side of my car was a bicycle pump. Really, guys? You left me a bike pump to inflate my tires? Yes they did. We laughed and went inside where I called Triple AAA. We ate breakfast and the guy was there in 40 minutes. As he worked he said, "You ladies are the happiest people I've seen with a car that has 4 flat tires."

Such a great night. And then I spent all day Saturday and Sunday recovering from the fun (aka: sleeping and napping as much as possible). Yeah for making memories!


Jody said...

who's the AAA guy?

Smarshie said...

His name was Keenan and he was a fox. I am used to Triple AAA guys who are old, pudgy, and missing some teeth. So when Keenan showed up, all the girls were like, "Wheeee! Oh wait, why are we still in our pajamas!?!?"

P.S. I almost slipped my digits in with my signature when he was done.