Thursday, March 17, 2011

GLEE-cap #16

Whoa, so much happened in Tuesday night's episode. FINALLY we got back to some ol' fashioned songs and dances that make this show so entertaining. It's time for Regionals y'all!!!


10) Way to start off the episode right away with a Warblers number! Seriously can Darren Criss and those a cappella boys come sing me to sleep every night? I have loved every song they've sang on this show. I liked "Misery" and my fav part was when they pounded on the tables. And then I loved Kurt telling Blaine he gets all the solos. I'm not complaining because I love me some D.C. but I also get his point. It's time to share the love.

9) Rachel giving Finn a box of Kleenex for the "Only Child" song she wrote. "The only Berry on my family treeeeeeeeee". Classic Rachel.

8) Let's talk about the Warbler's council meeting. Blaine is suggesting a different color lining for their jackets at Regionals, Warblers are yelling "This is a kangaroo court!" and the gavel is repeatedly being banged on the table. Then Kurt bursts in wearing all black (because of Pavarotti's death). I laughed. But then I got all somber because his "Blackbird" song was sad and beautiful. And then, came Blaine's lightbulb moment. More on Kurt and Blaine later.

7) "Well well, if it isn't Tweedle-Dum and Tweedle Fake-Boobs." -Sue to Brittany and Santana

6) "Trouty Mouth" song by the sultry Santana. AmAzing. Poor Sam.

And Puck, I'm sorry but HOW is Big-Ass Heart any better than Fat-Bottom Girls?

5) "Hell to the No". It's been awhile since Mercedes has had a solo. I love her, her voice, and her sassiness. And then after her song Santana says, "Mr. Schue? I wrote another verse of 'Trouty Mouth' and Sam holds up his "Hell No" sign with a frown. "Guys, just think about it. What's your favorite song of all time?" Mr. Schuester asked. Brittany quickly responds "My Headband". YES.

4) The Quinn and Rachel scene at the piano in the auditorium was actually an unexpected highlight for me. I liked their honesty with one another, even though it hurt. And what Quinn said got me thinking. Rachel IS so talented and will go to Broadway. Finn will probably stay in Lima, Ohio and take over Kurt's dad's tire business. "You don't belong here, Rachel. And you can't hate me for helping to send you on your way."

3) Aural Intensity's "Jesus Is A Friend Of Mine". (Have you seen the cheesy video of this song? It's like a 70's nightmare.) The best part was the Star of David they made at the end.

2) Sorry Warblers, I didn't care for your first song ("Candles") at Regionals. I mean, it was ok. But nothing spectacular. However I liked your second song ("Raise Your Glass") a lot!

1) And then it's time for New Directions. Both Rachel's song "Get It Right" and the group number "Loser Like Me" were awesome. (I liked Sue's expression when she realized they were talking about her during Loser Like Me.) And then the drunk lieutenant governor's wife giving first place to the glee kids was a great finale.

Questions/thoughts from the episode:

* Kurt recorded Blackbird on a cassette tape?? Do those even exist anymore? And then I was even more shocked to see that the Warblers had a tape deck in the study. I have not seen a tape deck in 10 years. I was confused. Did we rewind back to 1988?

* When did Tina learn to play piano? And when did she and Santana become friends?

* Who told the New Directions ladies that it was okay to wear those blue dresses with bedazzled necklines, black tights, and Doc Martens? It hurt my eyes.

* One of my guilty pleasures is Kathy Griffin. I've seen her twice in concert and she is hilarious. But she crosses the line a lot, so I usually don't share with people how much I love her. Anyway, I was looking forward to seeing her as a judge for Regionals. But she was not funny. Neither was Loretta Devine's nun character.

* Um, WHERE was Vocal Adrenaline? They beat New Directions last year at Regionals. Where were they this year?

* And finally...Kurt and Blaine. Um, I reeeeally don't want to see two boys kissing each other on TV. That scene was hard for me to watch. The show makes you root for these two (just like it made you root for Will and Emma to get together last season, even though he was still married to Terri) so our impulse is to be excited that Blaine finally realized he loved Kurt and kissed him. But I just can't get excited. Instead I just feel uncomfortable.

What are your thoughts on the episode?


Susannah said...

i love your gleecaps. so so good.

Smarshie said...

Thanks Sooz! I love writing them.