Saturday, October 16, 2010


It's time for another edition of "My Nephew Is Cuter Than Your Nephew" (sorry, but it's true). My almost 2 year old nephew Judah is at this super fun stage where he imitates and mimics what people do. He's like our own personal parrot. If I roll around on the grass, he rolls around on the grass. If I say "Cool, dude!" he repeats it with just as much fervor.

I was at my parents' house one night and as we were eating dinner, my dad took a sip of his drink and went, "Ahhhhh!!!" afterwards like those old soda commercials. Judah LOVED it. So of course we kept doing it just to see him smile. I mean, come on, look at that smile. Cutest. Kid. Ever.

A couple things to note in the video:

* Judah's name for my dad is "Grandude" and my mom is "Gigi".

* Don't you love the kitchen wallpaper? It has been there since the 70s. My parents had some guys paint the whole house a few years ago but they kept the kitchen wallpaper. My friend calls it the "Happy Happy Joy Joy" kitchen.

* My mom is a nurse and just got home from work so she's still in her scrubs. I want a pair. They look comfy.

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