Wednesday, October 13, 2010

GLEE-cap #4

Episode 4. Mr. Schue decides to throw a contest, having the GLEE clubbers sing in duets. Finn and Rachel. Santana and Mercedes. Tina and Mike. Kurt and...Kurt. I was thankful for this episode because we were treated to what makes GLEE great: the kids and their voices. As much as I love Emma and her outfits and Sue and her one-liners, I didn't miss them. I wanted to hear these kids sing!

Of course, GLEE just had to cross the line and have a yucky scene with Brittany and Santana that made me sick to my stomach. Why the heck do they put that in there? It cheapens an amazing show. I could do a whole blog about this but Imma continue. It's time for the GLEE-cap. (Don't read if you haven't seen the episode yet. I don't want to spoil anything for you.)


10) "All right, question for the group. What's a duet?" -Mr. Schuester

"A blanket." -Brittany (It brought back the memory of Mr. Schue asking what a ballad was and Brittany saying "A male duck". Love. It.)

9) Rachel and Finn singing "Don't Go Breaking My Heart". Could they be cuter? When Finn smiled and wrinkled his nose at her (while playing the drums), I wanted to squeal like a little 12 year old. And I liked the conversation they had after their song about throwing the competition so Sam could win.

8) "So I just want you to know...I'm really into you." -Brittany to Artie

"Oooooookay." (I loved his uncomfortable face as he looked to the side) "Sorry, I'm just a little confused. You've never even made eye contact with me." -Artie

"I know. For awhile I thought you were a robot." -Brittany

7) I reeeeeally like Sam Evans (Chord Overstreet) in a towel. That's all I'm going to say about that.

6) "River Deep/Mountain High" - good lord, those ladies killed it!! Such a good cover. Tina Turner would be proud. They even danced like her. It made me laugh.

5) Mike and Tina's duet "Sing" was super cute. Homeboy can't sing and should definitely stick to dancing. But I guess that was the whole point of the song. When Mr. Schue got up after the song and said, "Thank you, Tina, for introducing us to the amazing voice of Mike Chang!" I was like, "Um, he didn't really sing. He spoke the song." But oh well. He can dance like nobody's bizness.

4) "I thought I was over somebody, but I still think I have feelings for them." -Artie

"The Clintons?" -Brittany

3) I enjoyed Sam and Quinn's version of "Lucky". They would be a good couple together, yes? I think it's because they're both blonde (even if one is a fake-blonde). My sister has this theory that people are attracted to their own hair color.

2) Finn's face when Mr. Schue declared Sam and Quinn the winners. Seriously, go back and watch it again. I think I watched it 5 times and died laughing every time. Rachel is saying, "Unbelievable! I don't know HOW this happened!!" and Finn is trying so hard to fake disappointment and confusion over not winning. Cory Montieth-I love you!

1) The final mash-up song between Rachel and Kurt. Pretty much all my highlights were the songs this week. Let's keep 'em coming, GLEE clubbers!

** Final pressing question: do the Cheerios wear anything besides their uniforms? Brittany was wearing it in her room with Artie, Quinn was wearing it on her date with Sam. Ladies, mix it up a little.

Your throughts on the episode?


New Branch said...

1. your glee caps are my favorite
2. it's called 'matching hair hypothesis'
3. and please do write a blog about all the gay innuendos. really, they're not even hidden, this show has an agenda. and what would frank say? 'girls what is this really trying to tell you'
4. that final song with kurt and rachel gave me goose bumps. i've never heard his voice sound so good. and she's just awesome in a sailor suit.

JunioOoOor said...

I love this Top 10 you made.
In this episode, what i like most was the real introduction of Sam to glee club, and his rule as Quinn's mate.
The better song was Rachel and Kurt's "Happy Days Are Here Again"

Smarshie said...

Hey sis, I am totally on board with your matching hair hypothesis. And Frank would be having a FIELD DAY if he watched this episode.

Hi Junio, welcome to the blog. Have you seen the original Streisand/Garland video from that song? A friend sent it to me. Rachel even wore Barbara's sailor top! =)