Thursday, July 22, 2010

i feel royal

You know when people get their wisdom teeth taken out and they joke, "Will I still be wise? I'm getting my 'wisdom' teeth removed!" Well, today I am joking that I feel royal. Because I have two crowns in my mouth.

Hopefully none of you have a clenching/grinding problem at night. I do and it's caused issues with my teeth. It all started because my bite was misaligned. And then a car accident and stress in life added to it. Anyway, I wore a plastic splint for 6 months to train my jaw to not instinctively clench when I closed my mouth. And then I got my braces on to fix my bite. But even after all that, there was damage. The back two molars on the right side had been bitten down pretty bad. So I had to get some crowns.

I was soooo nervous! I didn't know what to expect. First of all, it took not one, not two, but THREE shots of novocaine to numb me up. I felt like a junkie. "Um, Dr. Mitchell? I think I need another shot..." Seriously. Who gets THREE shots of novocaine in the same spot? Have I gotten so much in the past (with all my teeth issues) that my teeth laugh at just one dose??

Anyway, even with the novocaine finally working, it still hurt like a mother. And my jaw is super sore from holding it open for an hour and a half. And it cost a pantload. But hey, we gotta do what we gotta do, right? I am actually very thankful I could afford to get this done, because I know NOT taking care of it would cause more problems in the future.

So here's to being royal! I shall now demand my supper to be fed to me and the court jester to make me laugh before my servants turn down my queenly bed. Fare thee well.


Jody said...

Rest easy, Princess.

Marcila Dare said...

Two crowns. Were you able to point out which one's the King Tooth (or King Tut if you'd like) and Queen Tooth? Yep, you should feel royal because you're aware that it would have cost you more gold coins if you left them be. Maybe the novocaine wasn't as obedient to the royal teeth back then.