Saturday, June 12, 2010

big ol' lizard

This past week I've been cleaning up the garage (the place we meet for college group). I've come across all sorts of treasures inside and under couches. Dust bunnies, nerf darts, coins, pens, mini marshmallows from a game we did months ago, old discussion questions, magnets, candy wrappers, etc. But none of them compare to this:

Yes, that would be a LIVING lizard. He was chillin' under a couch and started scuttling away when he saw light. 3 things ran through my head.

1) How long have you lived under there, buddy?

2) Good lord, could your tail be any longer? It's longer than your body. Dang!

3) Thank you thank you THANK YOU for not climbing out from under the couch and onto a college girl's leg during a teaching night.

I picked him up and took him outside to some tall grass. Hopefully he won't find his way back in.

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