Sunday, April 11, 2010

I don't want to see your sign

We've all seen them.

The protesters with their signs.

Some are good - teachers who want to keep their jobs, nurses who work in hospitals but don't even have good health insurance, etc.

But no, I'm talking about those other protesters with their signs. The ones aimed directly at homosexuals. Or abortion clinics. Or people who aren't Christians.

I was in church today and our pastor was telling us how he took his kids to Disneyland during their spring break. As they were walking down the street to the entrance, there were some guys holding their stupid signs. On one side the signs said, "TURN OR BURN" and the other side said "REPENT OR GO TO HELL!"

As soon as the pastor shared this, I felt my face get hot. I could almost feel my blood boiling. I honestly don't think I heard a word the pastor said after that. I don't even remember why he shared that story. (Sorry, Mr. S) I don't hate many things in this life. But I HATE those signs. They make me so angry.

I mean, Disneyland is one of my favorite places in the world. And I was just imagining little kids holding hands with their moms and dads, wearing their Mickey Mouse ears, full of excitement, about to enter this magical place. And to see a sign like makes me sick. I am ill.

Any time I see a sign like that, I want to go right up to the person carrying it and yell. "You are a JERK. JERK. How dare you. You are doing nothing but making people upset and angry. You are actually turning people AWAY from Christianity with your judgmental and offensive sign. GO.HOME."

Man. I just don't think that's how Jesus would share His love with the world. He didn't pick up the children, put them on his lap and say, "Repent or go to hell, Timmy." Jesus was all about love. He was the epitome of love. And these people with their stupid signs might think they're helping others see the light or change their mindsets or whatever...but they're NOT. Grrr.


Tira said...

I totally agree with you!
They're usually strange-looking men too, dontcha think? Maybe they're not all there??!?!

I get really bummed when I see them standing outside a Harvest Crusade or Billy Graham Crusades. They are very opposite of loving.

Let's pray for them! and make sure we reach out in LOVE to the lost. :)

New Branch said...

i think it's ironic that the angry men holding the turn or burn signs actually cause you anger as well. it's like they're spreading their anger. i also think it's ironic that you stopped listening to renee schelfenpauperdrubenchaufer. if he finds out, he may fire you and send you to greenland. population 1: you.

Lyds said...

i love you. and i agree. and your sister is hilar.

Smarshie said...

Hey, I wouldn't be alone in Greenland. There's a polar bear.

Jody said...

One time I saw a sign like that and I was all, "What? Sign me up. And where DO I get me one of those picketing thingies?"