Sunday, February 07, 2010

Superbowl Sunday

I think the New Orleans Saints won?

Let's be honest. I only like the Superbowl for the friends, the food, and the commercials.

We had a Superbowl par-tay at our house and it was great. Some peeps brought a big ol' flatscreen so we could watch in style. We had lots of yummy food - I ate a lot. I mostly used the time to chat with friends I haven't seen in awhile. That was my highlight.

As far as commercials, I didn't think they were as funny this year. Here's the ones I remember: two commercials with people not wearing clothes, Betty White playing football, 3 guys and a killer whale, a funny Doritos one, a guy sleepwalking through Africa to get a Coke, a few commercials dissing men for being wusses, KISS and mini-KISS promoting Dr. Pepper cherry, chickens screaming, and one with some guys and T-Pain using Auto-Tune.

Thoughts on the big game? Are you glad the Saints won? Any commercials you especially enjoyed?

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Lyds said...

i actually love football and was annoyed that everyone was talking during the game! but they all watched the commercials - haha! i have to say, the one that made me laugh the most was the guy's dodge commercial...when the man says "i will watch your vampire tv shows,"... etc.