Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Aloha and Aloha!

Translation: Hello and Goodbye!

Yes, friends. My family and I are flying to the lovely island of Maui for 10 glorious days and I can't wait to use that word as much as possible. Hmmm...what other Hawaiian words do I know? Mahalo. Poi. Luau. Lei. Hula. Koi. Ukulele. And my favorite Hawaiian word is "pupu". It's pronounced "poo-poo" and it's a snack or appetizer. I LOVE it. I want to see that on a menu. "Get your fresh hot pupus here!" (I am such an adolescent.)

Anyway, it will be nice to get away in the midst of all this craziness at work. On one hand, I feel like it's weird timing to leave - I should be staying to sort out all the chaos. And on the other hand, it's probably really good for me to get away and rest, begin healing, spend time with my family and heavenly Father.

And it won't hurt that it is SUNNY there (I forget what the sun looks like) and the ocean water is 78 degrees.

I'll share fun pictures when I get back. Love to you all. Aloha.

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Jody said...

you deserve it.