Monday, February 22, 2010


Ok, can I start off this blog by saying that this vacation could not have come at a better time?!? As you read before I left, I was a bit of a wreck. But the time in Maui helped me rest, sleep, not think, just BE. And because of that, I came back feeling refreshed with a clearer mind and a more peaceful heart. Thank you, God!


* The place we stayed in Napili. Good Lord, it was amazing. Our condos were right next to each other so we could pop in and out of each other's home. The view from our back lanai was of "turtle cove" (more on that in a minute), the beach, the surfers, the palm trees, the sunsets.

* Sleeping, napping, lounging, reading, eating.

* Riding bikes down Haleakala Volcano. This bad boy is on the south eastern part of Maui. Our tour van drove us to the top of the crater (10,000 above sea level) and then we jumped on bikes and rode 28 miles down the volcano and ended up at Paia Beach on the north shore of the island. I loved watching the scenery go by as we rode. Trees, fields, cattle, homes, small towns, smells of flowers and fresh ocean air, everything was green green green. I loved it. The ride was pretty steep and had some gnarly turns, but it was just part of the adventure.

* Making dinner and watching the Olympics every night with the fam. "Wanna go out tonight?" "No way, Apolo's on in an hour!"

* Ziplining with my sis, Emily. We got taken up into the mountains in ATVs, suited up in our harnesses, and zipped over the ridges and valleys! At times we were 500 feet over the gulches, zipping at up to 65 miles an hour. WOOT!! The longest zipline was 3,600 feet long. On one of them, they even let us go backwards. We had so much fun!

* February is apparently prime whale-watching month. The ocean was "humpback soup", according to one of our tour guides. He was not kidding! We saw humpback whales everywhere. They come down to Hawaii from Alaska because the water's warmer and the moms can birth and raise their calves. They were jumping out of the water, blowing out their blowholes, moms with their babies, tails slapping the water, tails coming up as they dove down. Mesmerizing.

* Playing with my 15 month old nephew, Judah. He is so big and cute and smart and I just want to kiss his cheeks all day long.

* Snorkeling! We took a boat to Molokini Crater out in the ocean. Fish fish fish! We rented an underwater camera and took some sweet pixs. At our second snorkeling spot, I had the option to "snuba dive" (a cross between snorkeling and scuba diving) so I went for it. I went 50 feet down to the ocean floor with my guide and she and another guide found an octopus! They let me hold it! Ahhh! I was giggling like mad the whole time.

* Ok, I must know share my absolute FAVORITE thing about Maui. Green sea turtles! You guys, I am seriously obsessed with them now. We noticed them the first day in the cove by our condos. First off, they are huge. Massive. Most of them are between 4-6 feet long. Second, they are not scared of humans. Probably because everyone snorkels down there, so they're just used to it. They would let us swim right up to them! It was magical. I couldn't believe I was swimming in the ocean with sea turtles all around me. Third, when they come up for air, they make the funniest faces. Ask me to do an impression of that next time I see you. It made me laugh every time.

I posted all my pixs on facebook if you want to check them out, but here are some highlighted ones. Enjoy!


Lyds said...

LOVED all the pics on FB!!! you guys looked like you had a blast! so jeals! and planning your vaca activities around Apolo is a-okay in my book :) haha!!!

susannah said...

you two marsh girls and all of your maui posts. can't handle my jealousy. sigh. ok, carry on...

New Branch said...

um sister, i have photos of your turtle impression. check out my blog tomorrow! and lyds, speaking of check out...check out my bicep in the family photo. do you want me to be the spokesmodel on your personal trainer brochure? cause i'm available. ah hahahaha. i don't bench press, i baby press.

Jody said...

So glad you had fun! My cousins and stuff are on Maui this week! And my dad was just in Kauai, and all of them have talked about the whales.

Jody said...

How perfect would it have been if you were still on the island right now. I mean, would you have laughed just a little?

Emily said...

How fun!!! I wanna go there so bad!