Monday, February 01, 2010

excitement in the walls

Today was very eventful. I pulled into the church parking lot today and look what I saw:


Apparently, a lady was meeting someone at our church (for the first time) and she decided to drive around and look at the campus a bit. When she was by the intern house (where we have college group Wednesday nights), I think she accidentally hit her accelerator when she meant to hit her brake and she drove through the wall! Luckily no one was hurt - no one was in the room the car crashed into and she is ok.

View from the inside of the house. This is our meeting room Wed. nights:

View from outside, once the tow truck pulled the car out of the wall:


Jody said...

Her car looks strangely intact.

New Branch said...

NO WAY! Who gets to have this kind of story! i'm so jealous. i think she just really wanted to get into church