Monday, December 28, 2009

I indeed had a merry Christmas

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I got to spend 4 lovely days with my family (both immediate and extended). Here were some highlights:

* I ate. A LOT.

* Christmas morning is always fun chaos. As I've grown older, I have realized I enjoy watching other people open their gifts more than I like opening mine. I love watching their faces.

* We saw Sherlock Holmes. It was ok, but I was hoping it would be better. If you're going to see any movie this holiday season, go see Avatar in 3D! Best movie of the year!

* singing Christmas carols

* playing the Name Game (thanks Amy and David for introducing that to us - I have the image of Aunt Susie pretending to be Donny Osmond in my brain forever). Most popular names of the game were: Michael Buble, Michael Jackson, Fabio ("Buttah"), Mr. T! ("Foo!"), and Philip of Macedonia.

* Christmas treats - chocolate chip bread, fudge, Christmas cookies, banana bread, almond rochas, even cake to celebrate Jesus' birthday.

* singing karaoke with my cousin on the Wii

* Speaking of singing, spending time with the cutest baby in the world (my nephew) was a HUGE highlight:


Lyds said...

AH! he is sooooo cute! he was trying ;) glad the Marshes had an amazing holiday! love & miss you all :)

New Branch said...

i had no idea you were having your own singalong in the hallway! meanwhile we were having round 12 of christmas carols in 2 days.

Tira said...

i can't believe Christmas is already over! so glad you had such a nice season with your family and friends!


Can't wait to see (thru your blog) all that God has in store for you in 2010!!