Saturday, October 31, 2009


I had a fabulous Halloween.

Usually, most people in this area end up downtown on Halloween. It's so lame. I went one year and I swore I'd never go back. Tons of people are drunk, all the girls are dressed as skanks, and there always seems to be at least one gang-related stabbing. Plus there's nothing really going on. People just walk up and down the street, looking at each other's costumes and acting dumb.

So anyway, we wanted to give the college students an alternative option for the night. We went trick-or-treating. Who doesn't love free candy? (FREE was the theme of the night, because our students have no money) We took a ton of pictures of everyone's costumes and then headed out. Very successful collections! Woot.

Then we headed back to the church and played in the gym. Basketball, football, dodge ball, anything. We also had one of our students play DJ so we listened to techno music and Michael Jackson which was awesome. Everyone started heading out around 11:30 pm. I went home, pooped but happy.

My favorite costume: the Geico money commercial. This is Scott. He made this amazing costume. When we all walked out to look at it, he had a boom box and started playing the song "Sometimes I feel like...somebody's watching meeeeeeeeeee...." We died laughing! He is so creative!


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Best ever costume.

Lyds said...

that's hysterical! you looked pretty dang funny yourself there ;)