Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Extreme Makeover: Office Edition

My office is getting a makeover. FINALLY.

Stage 1 - move a couch in so students have a place to sit when they come visit us. Done.

Stage 2 - paint the walls. Done this past weekend.

Stage 3 - paint my door and Jessica's (our new Director of Student Ministries - congratulations, Ese!) door with magnetic AND chalkboard paint. Then we can hang pictures (and whatever else) on it with magnets and draw all over it with chalk. How fun! 1 door painted, 1 to go.

Stage 4 - carpet (I am reeeally excited about this. Our bare floor is nasty.)

Stage 5 - new desks and chairs for 2 peeps.

Stage 6 - move out unnecessary furniture and move in a new filing cabinet and mini fridge.

Stage 7 - get a plaque for the door that says "Student Ministries" so we can feel official.


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Lyds said...


*i watch HGTV all the time. you did well, my friend!