Monday, June 15, 2009

spelling bees, parties, and sweet potatoes

It was a fun weekend.

Friday night I went to see a musical with my sister, Liz. It was called "The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee". I had heard of it before, but didn't really know anything about it. It was so great! There are 6 contestants (adults acting as adolescents), 2 judges, and a moderator. And the thing that made it even more fun was they brought up 4 people from the audience to play other contestants! If you were chosen, the actors on stage showed you what to do and say. Liz and I tried to sign up to be possible candidates but we arrived too late. Oh well, next time.

Saturday was two par-tays. The first was a BBQ for little Eli who turned 1. He is the son of two very good friends, Amy and Josh. My favorite part of baby/little kids' birthdays parties is watching them when they get their cake. Are they gonna eat it? Smash it on their face? Make a mess? Eli did all three. He didn't seem too stoked on the taste so he mostly mashed it up and flipped his plate repeatedly. Love it.

That evening was my friend Jenn's bachleorette party! Woohoo! She is getting married up in Oregon this summer so she wanted to have her bachleorette with her friends in town. It was at this amazing Italian restaurant where there was wine, candles, and live Italian singing throughout the night. Jenn's maid of honor had bought a T-shirt that said "Advice for the Bachleorette" and we all got to write words of advice on it with a Sharpie. Then our friend Jody (big props to you) started going around asking strangers in the restaurant to sign it, too. Jenn got marriage advice from tons of people, and some written in different languages! It was awesome.

Sunday was the day we celebrated my Dad's birthday and Father's Day (a little early). It was wonderful to spend time with the fam, and of course little Judah. I think he gets cuter every time I see him. The big news with him lately is that his bottom two teeth have come in. So now he can eat "solid food"! (solid food = mush) Amy was feeding him sweet potatoes for the first time and he was making the BEST faces, I HAD to grab my camera and take a video. I seriously could not stop laughing.

Fun, full weekend. Today at work I went to Costco with two students to buy all the food for our summer kick-off BBQ. Summer program starts in 2 days! Let's do this!!

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Haley said...

My favorite part if that video, after the AMAZING faces Judah was making, was hearing you laugh.

Friend oh I miss you.