Wednesday, June 10, 2009

another bittersweet goodbye

Back in January I had to say goodbye to a close co-worker, Christian. He worked in the high school ministry for a few years and then left to be a Jr. High pastor in Fresno. And now I have to say another goodbye to a close co-worker. Clint, our High School director (who has worked at our church for 7 years), is resigning to go back to school full time and become a counselor.

Again, I am so happy when my co-worker buds find fun and new opportunities for growth. But selfishly I want them to stay. I have had so much fun in the office with Clint throughout the years, it just won't be the same without him.

Favorite memories of Clint:

* singing Disney songs ("Be prepared!" -Scar from The Lion King and "A hundred bad guys with swords!" -from Aladdin)

* the many times he pretended to fire his high school staff: "That's it, Judy. Pack your bags." or "Christian, clean your desk."

* 3 amazing mission trips to Mexico with the high school and college group. Driving through Rosarito to all the different work sites. "I own the toll booth! I own the road! I own the taco stand! I own the police! I am Mexico! YO SOY MEXICO!!!" - Clint

* getting the students in bed at night: "Consider the option of BED. You and your sleeping bag should be ONE right now..."

* long talks in the office after everyone else went home. Ministry, students, church, Christianity, life, God.

* Listening to him rant about how one day he will write a book for youth pastors titled What's Wrong With My Youth Group? "And when they turn to chapter 1, it will just be a mirror. That's it. They can write notes in the rest of the chapters..."

* all our high school vs. college games during the year: softball, soccer, and flag football. Clint pretending he was going to make all the students take steroid tests before each game.

* playing songs off his iPod to add to the 90's playlist compilation - an afternoon of amazing music and nostalgia

* Youth Specialties training day. The leaders wanted all the youth workers to do an interactive get-to-know-you game. All other tables got up to play except our table. Clint: "Are WE the tools? Or is everyone else?"

* loud belly laughter and then saying, "Oh crap" through the laughs

* while reading The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John C. Maxwell (speaking of TOOLS - I could not stand this author), Clint would make comments like, "I hated this section. I wanted to pee on it..." or pretending to be Maxwell: "I'm so freaking cool! I should marry myself!"

This and many more. Man, those were good times. Clint, thank you for spending seven years of your life loving crazy high school students. I know God will continue to use you in the lives of the people (kids, adults, families, marriages) you counsel. I will miss you!


Jody said...

How do you sum up that man in one blog post? Well done.

New Branch said...

i love these lists. i don't even know these people and it makes me laugh! but seriously, that's it, clint pack your desk, you're fired