Friday, May 08, 2009


For college group this week, we had a "Fun Night". We do these the first Wednesday of every month so students can invite their friends and so we can build community and, well....have fun together! For our Fun Night, we went to the movies downtown. X-Men Origins: Wolverine was playing and I knew a bunch of them wanted to see it. It was so great! Since it was a school/work night, we pretty much took over the whole theater. Everyone snuck in snacks (is that wrong?) and enjoyed the action on screen. I enjoyed watching Hugh Jackman for two hours, but that's just me.


Lyds said...

saw it this weekend - it was incredible! can ryan reynolds be any more bad-A? just curious...he was my fave. also, fun fact: i met the girl who played wolverine's love interest (lynn collins) years ago in a wedding in texas. she was a friend of a friend and sat at my table at the wedding. she was super nice & very humble. weird to see her kissing hugh jackman...that slut. haha

Smarshie said...

I loved Ryan Reynolds, too! =) Did you hear he's getting his own spin-off movie? Sweet.

That is so fun you saw the girl from the movie. Was it weird seeing her on the big screen?