Monday, May 11, 2009

hip hop love

As I was driving home from hip hop class tonight, I realized I need to come clean about something. I have been hesitant to share this news, but the time has come.

I love hip hop music.

Why is this a secret? Because I probably shouldn't love it.

Here are some reasons why:

1) First of all, their names. It would be hard for me to take anyone seriously when their names are Soulja Boy Tell Em, T-Pain, Lil Wayne, Flo Rida, or Chamillionaire. And let's not forget Puff Daddy, I mean P. Diddy, I mean just Diddy now.

2) Their song content. Alcohol? I'm not a big drinker, so when they talk about drinking "petrone" with their homies, I get lost. Clubbing? I like dancing but I'm not a clubber, don't really understand that world. The way they talk about women? Don't even get me started.

3) Their videos. This kind of goes with the last point. I don't even watch their videos because I know I'll see a bunch of half-naked chicks groping at Ludacris while he sings about drinking petrone with his homies in da club. See how it all fits together?

4) Dang it, I'm a white girl. What am I doing, listening (and enjoying) hip hop music? Even when I'm in my hip hop class, I sometimes struggle with feeling too white. Am I a poser?

But even with these reasons, I still find myself flipping to our local hip hop station when I'm in my car. Why? Is this a phase?

Until I get to the bottom of this, I leave you with this fun website. It gives you your very own hip hop name. Have fun.


Monika Vista (that's what it gave me...)


Haley said...

Girrrrl. I totally feel you.

Mi$$y Brown

Emily B said...

Foxxy Sixx...okay...
I love it, too. It could be a phase...or it might not be.

New Branch said...

i love movin 99.7!
-vitta love

Jody said...

I think they mean Petron- Tequila. And a lot of country singers work it into their lyrics as well.
I love country for all the same reasons, and probably shouldn't.

-Latoya Nasty

Smarshie said...

Dear Mi$$y Brown, Foxxy Sixx, Vitta Love, and Latoya Nasty,

We have the coolest hip hop names EVER. We should form a group. We could be the new Danity Kane.

NixonsMamma said...

I love it too! Always have, always will. And confession; my two year old bumps to it too!

"Fresh Diva"

Melanie said...

I am with Jody, Patron tequila. I must the occasional beverage consumer, it is my favorite. However, it is too expensive to keep on hand. When it is offered in an inexpensive beverage, I'm gettin' it.

hee hee
I have to say...not a big fan of hip hop. Maybe my students caused too much damage. :) I truly believe they will become deaf before me. I can hear their music through their earbuds from across the room.