Wednesday, May 27, 2009

superhero dunks

Once in awhile, I will come across a video that is so awesome, I must share it on my blog. This is one of those times.

Here's the background: last year Dwight Howard (plays basketball for the Orlando Magic) won a slam dunk contest. He had a Superman jersey on under his Magic one, and a friend even put a red cape around his shoulders. Amazing.

My new favorite video is from two guys: Barats and Bereta (comedy duo). They came up with some other superheroes for Dwight to use in future slam dunk contests.

Superhero Dunks - barats and bereta

Which superhero dunk is your favorite?


Haley said...



And I LOVE it.

Definitely the second video is my favorite.


New Branch said...

i love when you post videos. i know it's my comedy relief of the day.

Lyds said...

um, why am i just now seeing this one?

i just peed. HYSTERICAL!!!!!!!!!!!