Tuesday, May 26, 2009


This week marks 9 years of living in this area. 9 years. Dang. I didn't think I'd ever find a place to settle in for 9 years. And yet here it is. And I feel like it has flown by. I still love it just as much as I did the first year. In fact I think I love it more. Living somewhere for 9 years means knowing:

- all the fun places to eat around town
- which side roads/alternate routes to take in case of traffic
- the best beaches depending on what you want to do (surfing, beach volleyball, nighttime bonfire, boogie-boarding, etc)
- fun trails to hike on a beautiful day
- all the fun coffee shops and who you might run into at each
- when people talk about things pertaining to your area, you can nod in agreement and add to the conversation
- how much has changed in your city throughout the years
- when people come to visit, you have a million things you can suggest to do

This week also marks 7 years I have lived in the same house. 7 years! Many roomates have moved in and out. Many frienships have begun and been strengthened within these walls. Many parties/BBQs/sleepovers/showers/birthdays/other festivities have been here. Many shenanigans have occurred. We have tons of funny stories from the past 7 years. And the great news is there's more to come.

So here's to another fun year of living in this area and living in this house! I am so thankful for these two huge blessings in my life.


New Branch said...

many different neighbors moving in next door over those 7 years...david and i were telling the poison oak jagermeister story the other day...still makes me laugh

Smarshie said...

"Hey Garbage Girl!!!" (G-squared)

Jody said...

what do you suggest people do when they come visit? That one always stumps me.