Thursday, May 21, 2009

5 things I love about being an aunt

My sister Amy tagged me on her blog. It's mostly for women to share the things they love about being a mom. Amy said I can do the "aunt" version of this tag and then pass it along to 5 other moms. So without further ado, here are my

5 Things I Love About Being An Aunt

1. Judah's cheeks. I'm sorry, but how can you look at those chubby cheeks and not want to kiss them like crazy?! They're like magnets for my lips. It's a good thing Judah can't talk yet, because I'm sure he'd say something like, "Seriously, Auntie Sarah? ENOUGH."

2. His smile. Yes, all babies are cute when they smile. But when Judah smiles, my heart absolutely melts (I usually let out a squeal or two as well). It's like everything is ok in the world. Better yet, it's like I have no worries, no problems...all I feel is joy and happiness.

3. Seeing the world through his eyes. I love the stage where he's at: he wants to touch EVERYTHING. He focuses on objects, studies them, touches them, tastes them, ponders them. When we go for our walks, I love watching his eyes peer at everything. The trees above him, the cars going by, the people who lean over to say hi. Everything must be new and exciting for him. For us, we see the same things every day. Not a whole lot of newness or excitement.

4. His noises. They make me laugh! He is starting to make "word sounds", but mostly I just like to watch and listen to him make spit bubbles.

5. Judah's Naked Time! I never thought I would enjoy changing and dressing a baby as much as I do. But times on the changing table are so fun. Yes, I have had the pee in my face once the diaper comes off. Multiple times. I just laugh. He seems so happy to be on that table. I talk to him, we make faces, I tickle him, he smiles, I get to pick out his fun clothes for the day, we make noises together, he touches the curtains and birds above him. It's funny how the little things seem so special when I'm with him.

I feel very blessed that I get to watch my nephew every other Friday. I look forward to those days all week. I LOVE being an aunt. I can't wait till he gets even older and I can take him on outings.

And now I get to tag 5 mothers. If you are tagged, you get to share 5 things you love about being a mom. Enjoy!

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Jody said...

I want to be an aunt. But my nephew better be as cute as Judah.

Amanda said...

Hey Sarah. Thanks for the tag. I'll post it later this afternoon when I have some free time. The hospital visit was fine after the first day. I thought for sure I was going to die of pain that first day, but all is well now!

Have a great day!!!

NixonsMamma said...

You are the cutest AUNT---ever!! :)