Monday, February 09, 2009

Snow Blast countdown

We're home!

It was a great weekend. I'm still sick (you'll hear me losing my voice in some of the videos), but thankful for such a wonderful trip. Here's the countdown:

40 cupcakes made for Michael's "birthday"

Michael's "birthday"

28 games of pool played (yep, our cabin had a pool table AND hot tub!)

23 of us on the trip

18 times Steve (a leader) said, "That's not okay..." (way too many funny and/or inappropriate moments on this trip)

15 games played (Apples to Apples, Speed Scrabble, Catch Phrase, Monopoly, cards, etc)

13 times people sledded into trees or bushes


11 movies watched over the weekend

10 skiiers/snowboarders on Friday

9 times Sarah started driving too fast on the freeway and then slowed down for the others (I kept forgetting we had to stay together on the road)

7 snowmen made

6 snowball fights

6 racketball games played (there was a rec center nearby)

5 store runs (we need TP! paper and pens! cake mix! tupperware!)

5 vehicles taken for the trip

4 epic games of telephone pictionary

telephone pictionary

3 guys in bikini tops at dinner one night

3 times Jesus tried to take the wheel from Jeff (we had a bobblehead Jesus on our dashboard and he kept falling and sliding over to the driver's side)

2 amazing cooks (leaders) who spoiled us with delicious food all weekend

2 screams in the middle of the night (one girl had a nightmare and woke us all up at three a.m. by screaming "DON'T!STOP!" So freaky....but memorable)

2 In 'N Out stops (one on the way up, one on the way down)

1 trip to church Sunday morning

1 day of a student snowboarding with his luchador mask on (he got many, many looks)

1 midnight hospital visit (a girl had an asthma attack)

1 Expedition stuck in the snow with the tires spinning

1 mullet haircut in the bathroom

100 moments of laughter, new friendships, and fun.

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Amanda said...

I'm sorry you have been sick! That stinks!!! I've been having computer problems so I have to catch up on everything from the past couple of weeks. Sounds like your trip was amazing! I'm glad you had a good time.