Friday, February 13, 2009

cell phones and rainbows

Today I met a long lost friend for lunch. How did we re-connect? Facebook. Love it. Anyway, we decided to meet in between where we both live so we each only had to drive a half hour. It was so wonderful to see her and catch up on life. We both brought pictures and chatted for hours. However, after she left and I was walking back to my car, I realized...where's my cell phone?

I dug through my purse again and again. Not there.

I searched my car. Could it have falled out? Nope.

I ran back to the cafe. No one had turned it in.

I paced up and down the streets I had walked. Up and down. Up and down, scouring the sidewalk for any sign of it. No luck.

So then I went into mini-panic mode. Um, crap. I've never lost my phone before. I don't know if any of you have, but it is NOT a fun feeling. And then just to make things worse, it started to rain.

The first scenario that ran through my head: it was out in the street somewhere (fallen out of my purse) and had been promptly run over by a car and then rained on. I imagined the noises and sparks coming out of my phone (like you see in movies) as it slowly died.

Second scenario that ran through my head: some creep found it and was now using it to make long distance calls to Herzegovina and my bill would be two million dollars.

Third and most hopeful scenario: some kind person found it and would try and track me down. Not the most likely, but one can hope, right?

So I sadly got in my car and drove home. The first half of my drive I was still freaking out. I was thinking about the hassle to cancel the number, go buy a new phone (which are flippin' expensive), get it activated, put everyone's numbers in all over again (ahhh!), not having a phone for awhile if people needed to get ahold of me, etc etc.

But then.

Through the rain, a huge beam of sunlight came shining through. I immediately looked around and - WHOA. There it was. A big, beautiful rainbow. It was like I had literally just driven under it. And here's the best part....I could see where it touched the ground! I have never seen that before! I've never been close enough to see it where it touched the ground. But it was right there!

Instantly, my heart calmed. I breathed. My mind cleared. Suddenly, all my worries didn't seem so bad anymore. Thanks God.

I got home, feeling a lot better. I went into the kitchen and saw there were two messages on our machine. Who were they from? My mom and my sister. Both messages said:

"Hey Sarah? Just wanted to let you know a lady named Ashley found your phone. It was out in the parking lot where she works. She's holding it for you. Here's her number..."


Jody said...

AHH! That is the best story!!!

NixonsMamma said...

Miracles do happen! :)

Lyds said...

you made me smile! ...and on a tuesday morning, following a vacation day off - that is a huge feat! so happy for you :)