Monday, October 13, 2008


I'm back from the National Youth Workers Convention in Sacramento. Boo-yah. I am a bit on over-load from all the people, seminars, and general sessions. But it was good and I came home feeling encouraged. Here are the seminars I went to:

* Speaking Techniques (basically how to become a better speaker)
* Building Bridges with Gay and Lesbian Youth
* Youth Culture
I wanted to go to this one, but will have to get the MP3:
* A New Kind of Apologetics: The Emerging Questions of Todays Students

In the general sessions (where all 2,500 youth workers would gather in a big auditorium), here were some of the worship and speakers we had: Sherwood Carthen ("Amen by myself"), Phyllis Tickle (75 year old sassy woman! Loved her! And best name ever), Mike Pilavachi, Mark Yaconelli, Lincoln Brewster, Mercy Me, Starfield, Shane and Shane, and these funny skit guys called um..."The Skit Guys".

We were there from Thursday till yesterday. I came home sooo tired from the conference but feeling supported and equipped in what we're doing. That's always a good thing.

Today I am working from home. I woke up pretty tired and out-of-it. I went downstairs to start some laundry and it wasn't until it came time to put in a new load that I realized I had washed the first load...with no soap. So my clothes got wet, but not clean. =) Anyways, I've been doing laundry, cleaning my room, cleaning our kitchen and hallway floors, unpacking, and organizing. I still need to go to the bank, post office, and grocery store, clean my car, and work on my talk for Wed. night. Whew. It's nice to not be at work today and recover a bit from the convention.



Katie Hund said...

Why didn't you go to the Speed Dating Session?

You have made a HUGE mistake.

Jody said...

i wanna hear about the gay/lesbian youth session. Will talk tonight.

Smarshie said...

Katie - oh my gosh! I totally forgot to talk about that. When I read it in the convention handbook, I laughed and showed everyone because I seriously thought it was a joke. Um...nope. It was for real. I for sure did NOT go.

Jods - yes, we will definitely talk about it tonight. It was reeeeally good.