Wednesday, October 08, 2008

October continues

Hi friends.

I'm home and recovered from the road trip. It was fab. We drove down Friday, went to Knotts on Saturday (hardly anyone was there - we were literally walking onto rides!), and LOVED Mosaic church on Sunday before we drove home. I feel like I got to know the students better and even had some deep theological conversations with a couple of them in the car. I was sooo tired when we got back (I always am) but it is so dang worth it.

Tonight at college group we had a "Fun Night" where we played the game "Bigger or Better". Have you ever played? Oh my goodness, it is so much fun. Everyone got in teams of 4 and started with a paper clip. You are supposed to go door to door and ask for something bigger or better than the paper clip. And you keep going for an hour and a half. Whichever team brings back the biggest or best thing....WINS.

When I came back into the parking lot at the end of the game, my heart stopped. I saw a fire truck by the house where we meet. A fire truck! I freaked out. "Oh my gosh! Did the house catch on fire?! Is everyone ok?!?!" I ran out of the car and started asking what happened. The students were cracking up. "Sarah, that is what one team brought!" What.The.Crap.

Yes, one of the teams went to a fire station and convinced the men to drive their truck to our church. And in turn, give me a mini heart attack. Once I calmed down, I did admit that was pretty sweet. They didn't win because the rules stated you could only go to homes, but it will be something we'll all remember. The winning team came back with a computer monitor, a TV, and a table with 4 chairs.

Tomorrow I leave for the Youth Specialties National Youth Workers Convention in Sacramento. I have been looking forward to this for a long time. The high school and college staff are going so it will be fun to get away with everyone and hear some great speakers.

And so October continues...


Amy said...

Oh the fire truck thing is too funny! How creative!

NixonsMamma said...

you have so much fun in life!!! i love it! :) xoxo.