Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sarah's summer movie reviews

With summer coming to a close, I figured it was time for my annual summer movie review (well, it's only my second time doing it, but I think it will become an annual thing). If you haven't seen these movies, skip the explanation so I don't ruin it for you. Without further ado, here's what I thought of 10 movies I saw this summer...from worst to best:

10) Mama Mia. Biggest disappointment for me. I went in, hoping this would be 2008's summer musical! (Like Hairspray was last summer) No no and no. Where do I start? First of all, the singing was not that great. With the exception of the daughter, everyone else was pretty bad. Don't even get me started on Pierce Brosnan's singing voice. Arg! I cringed every time. You were JAMES flippin' BOND, for goodness sakes, Pierce. Another thing, hardly any dancing. That's half the fun of a musical. During most of the songs they would just stand there or stay in one room (That's where I think it should have just stayed a theater production). The plot was dumb, some of the characters were in half of it and gone the other half, Meryl Streep was too old for that role (even though I love her), etc. So, sorry Mama get the lowest score of the summer. Dud.

9) Prince Caspian. Another disappointment. First of all, Caspian and Susan? What the crap!?! Ew, she's like 13. I was also bummed because we saw a lot more of Aslan in the first movie, but he was barely in this one (and not until the end). I liked The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe more because everything was new, magical, meeting Mr. Tumnus and Aslan for the first time, etc. This one seemed bland and long. And the actor playing Caspian had the funkiest accent. It wasn't British, that's for sure.

8) The Incredible Hulk. I didn't see the 2003 version with Eric Bana. But I like Edward Norton so I thought I'd check this one out. Eh. It was all right. I liked Liv Tyler because she's not your typical skinny model - she looks and acts like a real woman. =) This movie had way more violence that I was expecting. I left the theater with hunched shoulders.

7) Kung Fu Panda. I think the coolest thing that came out of this movie was the word "Skadoosh". It was also just all right. Not fab, not bad. Just ok. The animation was pretty good. Moving on.

6) Sex and the City. Yes, I saw it with some girlfriends. Don't judge. Let's just say it certainly lived up to its title. But it was fun and had some great girl moments (Charlotte in Mexico anyone??) However, it felt a little long.

5) Indiana Jones 4. Entertaining. I think we'd all agree that Indy is getting a bit...old. But he did a great job, nonetheless. Definitely a summer popcorn movie. The only part that made me laugh of embarrassment - Shia swinging on the vines with the monkeys. You have GOT to be kidding me, Spielberg.

4) Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2. Very very cute. I loved the 4 girls' stories and how they weaved together (Carmen's story was my fav). It's movies like this that make me glad I'm female. =)

3) Iron Man. I went into this one with low expectations (I didn't know what to expect). And I was pleasantly surprised. I thought Robert Downey Jr. was great. I liked his cool outfit and the talking voice inside that guided him. Jeff Bridges was kind of a lame villian though.

2) The Dark Knight. Speaking of villians! Oh Heath Ledger. RIP, indeed. He of course stole the show from Christian Bale. I was mesmerized in every scene he was in. I hung onto every word the Joker said. He was a complete pyschopath. I thought Aaron Eckhart did a good job as Harvey Dent/Two-Face but he also got overshadowed by Heath. Side note: has anyone else noticed that Batman's voice is getting lower and more raspier in each movie? Is Batman a smoker? Does he need a cough drop? What's the deal?

1) Wall-E. Favorite movie of the summer. I had no idea a Pixar movie could make me cry. But it did. Twice. I think it is amazing that an animated movie can be so well done that about halfway through, you forget it was animated. I was so caught up into it. I loved that Wall-E liked "Hello Dolly" (one of my favorite musicals). Did anyone else cry at the end? Did anyone else leave the theater and think, "I need to go on a run!" after seeing what humans look like hundreds of years from now? =)

So there you have it, friends. Summer 2008 movies counted down from 10 to 1. One movie is missing, because I didn't get to see it but plan on renting it: Hancock.

Did any of you see these movies? What did you think? Agree or disagree with the above comments? Or if you saw some that aren't on the list and would recommend them for renting...which were they?


Amanda said...

The only 3 movies I saw from your list were Kung Fu Panda, Prince Caspian, and The Dark Knight. I liked Prince Caspian but not as much as The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. I absolutely loved Kung Fu Panda! The panda reminded me of my youngest daughter. She's super clumbsy and ALWAYS talking about food!! The Dark Knight, what is there to say about it? It was just so awesome. Heather Ledger was so good in it. He did overshadow everyone else, like you said. But WOW he was just so awesome.

Amy said...

I did not see a single movie this summer, and after reading your reviews it doesn't look like I missed anything...which is good to know because I was feeling a little sorry for myself! =)

Antonello and Sarah said...

Thanks for the movie reviews...oh, how I miss going to the movies. Everything is released a year later here in good old Italia! How are you beautiful Sarah? Miss seeing your face and would love to hear from you!


Smarshie said...

Amanda, I know! Heath stole the show in Batman. Dang.

Amy, no you did not miss much. Here's hoping for better next summer. =)

Sares!! I did my "swimming pro" thing a few weeks ago and had so much fun, but it wasn't the same without you there. You are very missed, friend. I love seeing your pictures from Italy. You are tan, beautiful, and in love. Love it!

Haley said...

Smarsh!! Best movie reviews. I think you could do some freelance for EW if you wanted.

Several movie related thoughts:
1. Indiana Jones should leave sci-fi to Scully and Mulder or Sigourney Weaver.
2. I kept wanting to offer Batman a cough drop.
3. You should definitely see Hancock.

Several non-movie related thoughts:
1. I miss you friend!
2. Thursdays are not the same without you.
3. Twilight series? Read it yet?
4. Love you tons!!