Wednesday, June 11, 2008


A couple weeks ago, a huge fire started in the mountains near my church. I remember driving to work one morning and seeing tons of white clouds. I thought it was just fog. But when I got into my office, my co-workers informed me it was actually smoke from a crazy fire. Thousands of homes had been evacuated. At the end of it all, 4,200 acres and 35 houses were burned and it took firefighters 9 days to contain and put it out.

So today on my drive home I looked up and saw huge columns of smoke. "Oh no! Again??" This time the fire was coming from a different group of mountains northwest from the last fire. I know it's been super hot and dry, but really?? Another one? (I almost got in an accident trying to take this picture. Whoops!)

I got home and we had a view of the smoke from our porch. We quickly turned on the news and sat for about half hour, listening for updates. We found out the fire was only 6 miles from our house. It was pretty scary because we were watching scenes of fire and smoke on the TV and to the left of the TV were our windows where we could see the smoke! And then we'd hear/watch planes fly right over our house and then see them on the news dropping retardant onto the fire. It was crazy.

** I just checked for an update online. Here's what I have: A growing 300+ acre could spread to as many as 1,000 acres before firefighters are able to begin slowing it...1,400 residents have been evacuated from their homes...1 burned home confirmed so far...started around 3 lead on what started the fire yet...650 firefighters will be fighting the blaze overnight...eight helicopters, eight air tankers and as many as 20 bulldozers...

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