Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I'm an Amazon dot com-er

Recently I was going through some old boxes and found all my old college textbooks. Man! What am I still doing with these?! A lot of them are teaching textbooks and since I'm not in education anymore, it seems so silly to keep them. So I got inspired to put them on and see if anyone was interested.

I highly doubted I would sell any. They are 12 years old, worn, outdated, and let's be honest...lame. But who knows? Some teacher out in Grand Iron Mills, New Hampshire just might need my copy of "Principles of Language Learning and Teaching".

Guess what? I've sold three textbooks so far! Amazon out almost half of the money for their commission, but that's ok. I'm still getting rid of old books I don't need and making some moolah on the side. Woot.

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