Monday, July 30, 2007

yeah for weekends!

This past weekend was very full and very fun. First off, I went to Berkeley all day Friday for some family schtuff and then drove home that evening. Saturday morning two of my college students got married at my church. Congratulations Melissa and David. Love you both!

Then, that afternoon I drove up to the city with some buds to watch the SF Giants beat the Florida Mariners 4-3. We were hoping to see Barry Bonds hit homerun 755 and tie with Hank Aaron (or even hit TWO homeruns and BEAT Aaron's record) but no dice. Oh well. We were up in the bleacher (aka: cheap) seats and I'm so glad because we were the most fun. We threw around a beach ball, had garlic fries and Cokes, and started the wave with the section next to us. I haven't been to a Giants game in a long time and it was my first time at Pac Bell, I mean SBC Global, I mean AT&T Park. Here is the baseball crew:

Then on Sunday I drove into the mountains for another wedding. Our friend Anna married Rich at a beautiful vineyard overlooking the whole Bay Area. It was fun to be at the wedding with all my roomates. One of the roomies, Jessica, was a bridesmaid. Hot mama! After the ceremony while we were waiting for the bride and groom to come join the par-tay, we decided to take "emo" pictures with our cameras. I tried to convey the look of being mad at the world...but I think I just ended up looking mad in general. Oh well!

All in all, good family time, good roomate time, good wedding time. Now I need to catch up on some good sleepy-time.

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