Tuesday, July 03, 2007

It's gonna be a bright sunshiny day

I have lived in this area for 7 years. And I have NEVER experienced summer weather as perfect as this. Usually, we have a bit of "June gloom" where it's cloudy and foggy most of the day. And then in July and August it is foggy until about noon or 1. But for the past month, I wake up every morning and the sun is already out and shining! No clouds, lots of cool breezes, perfect temperature. I LOVE it! It is making me enjoy this summer even more.

We had church on the beach this past Sunday. I have never done that before. It was amazing! We were singing and praying with the sound of the waves in the background and the sun shining over us. Everyone sitting on beach blankets, kids running everywhere, acoustic worship. Afterwards people went in the water, played beach volleyball or ultimate frisbee, and ate lunch. I wish we could have church on the beach every Sunday in the summer!

I'm sure I sound like such a grandma, talking about the weather. But I can't help it. It's lovely. In fact, enough time on the computer! Bah! I'm going outside...

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Melissavina said...

I want to go outside! I can see the outdoors from my desk, but I can't feel it. *sigh*

(In the voice of Napoleon Dynamite.)