Friday, June 22, 2007

Summer Kick-Off!!

The past few weeks my summer intern, John, and I have been getting things ready for our summer program. Errands, cleaning the house/garage where we meet, planning/brainstorming summer events and our teaching series, and other stuff like that. And then was time. Summer Kick-Off!!
We had decided to have a BBQ, because I think we all know that college students love food. I remember getting things prepped and thinking in my head about who might show up. The more I thought about it, the more I realized a ton of our "regulars" were going to be gone this summer (mostly working at camps in the area).

Me: "Hey John, I'm thinking we're going to have a small crew this summer."
John: "Oh really?"
Me: "Yeah. A lot of students are on vacation or working at camps. So we'll probably have 10-15 students tonight."
John: "Oh that's cool. Those will be the ones God wants us to minister to. And plus it gives us room to grow."

Side note: this is a perfect example of why my intern ROCKS.

So we finished getting everything set up and we spent some time in prayer. By the time seven o'clock rolled around, we were both giddy with excitement. Me because I have missed my students like crazy and John because he gets to finally meet them and start the summer!

You guys...we had 50 college students come that night!! WHAT!?!?!?

Seriously, John and I were floored. We could not believe it. We were expecting a small group and they just kept showing up. I got to meet a lot of new peeps who were coming to check out the group. The electricity in the group was overwhelming. My heart was overflowing! Wow God! Wow.

John and I met yesterday to talk about the night. And even though we were both still in shock and awe, we were praising God like crazy. It wasn't anything WE had done, no way. That was totally God. These are the students He wants us to love and challenge this summer, and we are so stoked on that.

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