Sunday, June 03, 2007

My Phun

I'm home and I had a great time down south. I did everything on my fake To-Do list (see previous blog) which included lots of sleeping and resting. One of my highlights was about halfway through the week. I went jogging every day which was great (how come I don't have that same motivation at home?) and one morning I decided to bring my camera with me. So, I went on a "Photo-Run" which I now affectionately call a "Phun". And boy was it phun! Here are some sights I encountered around their town.

First, I ran by a middle school and a bunch of kids were walking out to P.E. I had to smile because a) man, I sure don't miss wearing gym clothes and b) you guys are still in school, suckahs!! I'm on vacation!

Second, this picture goes to show that no matter where you will always see shoes on a wire.

The rest of the pixs all have to do with dogs. This next picture was so phun. There were 2 dogs in a park. Their owner let them run around while he chatted on his cell phone. The dogs would hide behind a tree and watch birds fly down to the grass in groups. Then, they’d burst out from behind the tree, barking like mad and chasing after the birds. I loved watching them! They made me laugh. Those dumb birds kept coming down to the grass again, forgetting that 2 seconds earlier huge dogs tried to maul them to death.

Best lawn ornament ever. EVER. I want one. Sort of.

These last two are great. I passed a house on a corner and heard barking. Actually, can I call it barking? It was more like loud "yipping". Anyway, I turned around and saw the tiniest Chihuahua growling and yipping at me through a gate. "Whatever, I'm not even near your house, buddy." Just to taunt it, I started walking toward him. He FREAKED. He started jumping all over the place (in the right picture you can see him getting some sweet air).

Don't let the picture fool you. He was so small, you could hold him in your hand. I just got closer and closer to tick him off (is that wrong?). He continued to go nuts. What is WITH these chihuahua dogs that makes them think they are german shepherds or something?! Dude, I know you're all protective and keeping your house safe...but seriously? A baby could sit on you and life would be over. So chill.

I had such an enjoyable "phun". Just observing everyday life and appreciating it instead of running by without thought or care. I think you all should try it once and see what life throws your way.

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