Sunday, January 14, 2007

The kick-off has begun

Last week the college group kicked off for the winter/spring semester. That means we go straight on until the end of May. Usually around the end of March or early April I start a countdown because I begin to get very tired. But since I've had a break, I am rearin' to go!

To kick things off, we all went to an ice skating rink. If you ever want to have 2 hours of laughter, take college students ice skating. People were falling all over the place, students were trying to do spins and turns (unsuccessfully), there was multiple running into walls, we even had a guy take his shirt off during a slow song, go into the middle of the rink, sink to his knees, and sing along with the song with his eyes closed and doing expressive hand motions.

After that we all got lost trying to find an In N'Out (my fault...I am bad at directions) but then found it and ate double-doubles to our heart's content (at 10:30 at night...yikes). And THEN on the way home, the police stopped traffic on the freeway for 10-15 minutes. Controlled chaos ensued - running around, taking pictures, Chinese fire drills, going from car to car, spontaneous dancing, you name it...all in the middle of the freeway with other people probably thinking we're crazy. Nope, we're just young people who love to have fun. It's fun making memories with these students. These are the times I sit back, sigh, and go, "I can't believe this is my job."

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