Tuesday, January 09, 2007

All That Jazz

Tonight was a very special night...I took a step in completing a New Year's Resolution. Let me back up and say I normally don't make "New Year's Resolutions". But I specifically did this year because I looked back at the last 6 months and realized my life wasn't very balanced (ie. working too much) and I wanted to make changes. And the new year was a great opportunity to start! =)

So anyway, one of my New Years Resolutions was to join a dance class. I grew up taking dance and loved it - 5 years of ballet and 4 years of jazz. Dancing is my favorite exercise, hands down. But if you're not in a class and you don't go out dancing on the weekends, you don't get to practice much. So I decided - heck, I'm going for it!

There's a dance studio downtown that offers classes for all ages, different types of dance, evenings after work, etc. All good things. I decided to sign up for the Beginner/Intermediate Teen/Adult jazz class. Tonight was my first one. I walked into the studio and quickly noted that it was 4 high school girls...and me. It struck me as quite funny. It became even more funny when the class started and it was obvious that these girls have taken jazz before (and from the same teacher) so they were REALLY good and I was struggling to keep up. I'm a bit rusty.

But it was so fun! I felt like I came alive! It has seriously been 12 or 13 years since I last took a jazz class and I forgot how much I loved it. Our teacher's name was Leslie and she was very nice. She worked us through warm-up, some floor exercises, and then we started learning a dance she made up. Sweet! Me and 4 teenagers! Sweet.

Can't wait till next Tuesday.

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