Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I Voted

Before work today, I went and voted. I feel like a very responsible citizen. I feel quite proud and I don't know why. It feels good to have an opinion in how things go. Even if I'm just one vote.

I will tell ya what I DON'T like about elction time, though. All the lame commerical ads. Argg! If I saw one more, I was going to roundhouse kick my TV in the FACE. I had to start muting commercials because I couldn't take it anymore.

Oh, AND I got the pleasure of many phone calls to our house. I got calls from congresswoman Anna Eshoo, senator Dianne Feinstein, governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and even actor Clint Eastwood! Wow! These people really cared about my vote! (saracasm dripping...)

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