Thursday, November 09, 2006

Fire in the ladies' restroom!

Yesterday I got to church and was just settling down to do some work, when R-R-R-R-I-N-G!!! The fire alarm goes off. Thinking it was another drill, I closed my door and planned on just waiting till it stopped (I'm so bad!) I didn't feel like trooping off onto the field or anything. But then, a co-worker came in and told me there really was a fire! HUH!!?!?

So we rush outside where everyone else was milling and I see black smoke coming out of one of our buildings! Fire trucks started pouring into our church driveways and firemen were running everywhere. I thought I heard someone say arson....WHAT?!

The firefighters got it under control and we were allowed to go back to work. Still wondering what happened, we all received this email from a pastor a little bit later:

"Hi All,

You might have heard (or seen) that we had smoke pouring out of Monschke Hall this afternoon at about 3pm. A couple fire trucks later it was discovered that a fan had burned out in the women's bathroom. In the process, the fan dripped hot metal or plastic onto the top of the toilet seat directly below, setting the plastic seat on fire. You'd be amazed how much smoke one burning toilet seat can create! The attic was so completely full of smoke that the fire crews looked there first. As far as we can tell, the damage was limited to the women's bathroom. The only things that actually burned were the fan and the toilet, which now looks like it was made out of wax."

Praise the Lord no one got injured. But seriously...a fire in the women's restroom? Because a fan melted on top of a toilet seat?? Classic.

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